Surat Diamond – An example of social business

I just google for “Surat Diamond” and 4 pages of google search result is filled with the news of the “Diwali Bonus: 500 cars, 200 flats and Jewelries to the employee” This is the best example of social business that Surat Diamond have set. Just a week back there were hardly any people who heard about them. Now […]

Pulsar…10 years of leadership

10 years is a decade Its a long time to kill and a short time to get something done Its a moment if you are in a rush. And a lifetime if you want to give it meaning. Our 10 years went something like that. We tried to give it meaning. We tried to insert […]

Royal Challenge Sport week: Game for Life!

I found this awesome commercial advertisement of “Royal Challenge Sport Week”. Hats off to the copywriter. My Life My Life is good, actually its great. But sometime its aweful, it doesnt always make sense. Life is room without windows. Life is funny. Life is not always what you order. Its dancing to your own tune, […]

CC Camera Placement idea

This recent incident made my think of it. I have simple business idea to share. This can be a marketing idea for existing company and a new business model for new entrepreneurs. I am little skeptic about the the placements of CC Camera in Banks, Store and Offices. Why are those camera are placed on the […]