10 years is a decade
Its a long time to kill and a short time to get something done
Its a moment if you are in a rush.
And a lifetime if you want to give it meaning.
Our 10 years went something like that.
We tried to give it meaning.
We tried to insert passion into every ticking second.
Not because we had to, but because we wanted to.
Because we were doing something we believed in.
Pulsar came as an abuse to mediocrity.
We were laughing at convention and we wanted to be heard.
Pulsar was contrary to everything that seemed to work.
Possibly because pulsar wasn’t meant to work.
It was meant for play.
But attitude requires substance
And performance comes from persistence:
The persistence of brilliant engineering minds that keep challenging the present.
These discontented souls are forever trying to make the current pulsar redundant.
Its in the nature of Pulsar to go ahead of itself
and we aren’t the ones who’re going to hold it back.
And we can’t.
Pulsar today is a movement and a spirit.
It’s moved beyond being a product of engineering or a brand.
It’s a statement and an attitude.
That has become a part of the rider’s definition of himself.
Today we have a bigger responsibility
A huge community of bikers get their daily dose of pride, riding the pulsar.
And like us, they are never happy with the status quo.
They want more. They want to be better than the best.
When we created the pulsar, we never thought it would end up defining us.
But it did. Here’s to the decade that has gone by on a pulsar
Here’s to the decades going to come

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