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Nepal Idol: Re-building the market

I don’t remember when was the last time I gave full attention to the TV show, probably when I was in school. Bringing Nepal Idol franchise is one of the best decision that Nepali media has done. This has brought back people’s attention to TV shows once again. I am one of the regular followers of it, despite my schedule and work, I manage to give my time for Nepal Idol. Nepal Idol has created a disruption for re-building the market of Nepal. Here are some of the reasons how Nepal Idol is re-building the market Ice breakerNepali media was…

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Understanding Clean Feed

How often do you see advertisements of Indian brands in Television? A lot right. How often do you see advertisements of International brands other than India in Television? Few. We never see advertisements in TV channels like HBO, Cinemax, (Pardon me if this has changed recently). That’s clean feed. But in a case of Nepal that is not what we can implement at the moment. International Trend. Globally, there are two types of television channel into practice, one is the Pay channel, where the viewers pay for watching particular channels. The other type of channel is the Free to Air channels…

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One week with Worldlink

It was frustrating to see service businesses are cheating customers in Nepal. Last 1 week  was one hell of a week for me cause of Worldlink. I have been using UNLIMTED data pack of worldlink since 1 year but last week they told me that Unlimted is not Unlimted. Now, after a week of discussion, I have got my answer i.e. Unlimited = 400GB a month. Here is the discussion I had with wordlink for a week. February 11, 2017 It all started with this mail “You have reached the FUP limit – Internet speed reduced” I then contacted their customer…

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Let me share my story

Inspired by Dixanta Bahadur Shrestha & Bal K Joshi ‪#‎storychallenge‬ Year 2003, after SLC : I got sales job at WAVE magazine. Realised I am too young for it and I left in a week. Year 2003-2005 : Learned to make handicrafts, back then family business are always good skills to have. Passion for music, Rezon pocket’s money were used to buy musical instruments and participate in band competitions. Apparently lost. Year 2006 – 2007 : Started taking projects of video, photography, animations, editing. With a small handy-cam and go to events, take videos and make some money and atleast…

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The next way!

How many hour a day you spend on TV or Newspaper or Radio? And how many hours you spend on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or browsing any website. Over a year if businesses are not taking themselves online then get ready to exit, sounds harsh? Well, you will thank me someday. What actually is “taking business online” Does that mean you must have a business website? Yes, but NO, it’s not enough. Create a facebook page? Yes but again who is going to follow your business. Create a youtube video? Yes, a must, but why someone come and watch it. Sponsor…

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Learn to make dreams real by letting someone else do it

There are some dreams that you cannot achieve, even if you are passionate about it. But at some point you will see another person who is also passionate about the same thing. At those time you can give all your ideas. If not you, atleast someone else will make it real with your small efforts and sacrifice. Learn to make dreams real by letting someone else do it. This video explains it all. The Other Pair

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Right time to make some smart decisions

Have you ever blame your grand parents for some bad decision they made decades back? I do sometime, but I am glad they made many smart decision at their times too. Now its you me & us who have to make the smart decision. Let our grand children thank us for our smart decisions. The Earthquake in Nepal have change many people. The idea of voluntarism have grown a lot in many people. We must appreciate the citizen led effort. If the citizens of Nepal have not acted at first then the immediate relief would not have been possible. The immediately…

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What volunteerism is for me

I got opportunity to speak on Volunteerism today at St. Xavier College for the Bachelors in Social Work students. I am Amit. I am a designer by profession. I work for a software company and I also own a design agency and event management. NO! I am not from any INGO or NGO. When someone talks about volunteerism and youth issues people have an impression that this person belongs to a certain NGO or INGO. Perhaps, its been over 10 years of my life that i spend in voluntary organizations and it still continues. I was part of Rotaract as…

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6 earthquake relief management websites

Many organizations are working for the disaster relief and there is no any system that can centralize the information. The IT companies and individuals have started few websites that will facilitate to centralize the information and relief activities. Here are some the list of websites: 1. The is a map based website. It shows the data on the basis of maps. Maps showing damage assessments, affected areas with online visualization maps, and downloadable and printable mapping. The goal of this website is to match the earthquake-hit people’s needs with ongoing relief efforts being conducted by various government, non-government and volunteer groups….

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Flash mob

I feel like I am Steve Jobs, when I am speaking about this. Here is why. We all need to understand the difference of product before using it or implement it. Let me relate. I have found lots of colleges, groups, companies are doing Flash mob but they end up doing street dance. Flash mob is assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time and quickly dispersing. They are often used for the purposes of entertainment, satire or artistic expression. I totally appreciate the dancing talent. But how can this be a flash mob?…