Right time to make some smart decisions

Have you ever blame your grand parents for some bad decision they made decades back? I do sometime, but I am glad they made many smart decision at their times too. Now its you me & us who have to make the smart decision. Let our grand children thank us for our smart decisions. The Earthquake […]

What volunteerism is for me

I got opportunity to speak on Volunteerism today at St. Xavier College for the Bachelors in Social Work students. I am Amit. I am a designer by profession. I work for a software company and I also own a design agency and event management. NO! I am not from any INGO or NGO. When someone […]

6 earthquake relief management websites

Many organizations are working for the disaster relief and there is no any system that can centralize the information. The IT companies and individuals have started few websites that will facilitate to centralize the information and relief activities. Here are some the list of websites: 1. The is a map based website. It shows the data […]

Flash mob

I feel like I am Steve Jobs, when I am speaking about this. Here is why. We all need to understand the difference of product before using it or implement it. Let me relate. I have found lots of colleges, groups, companies are doing Flash mob but they end up doing street dance. Flash mob is […]

A Tribute To Classic Indian Ads

I specially like  the one with “Bole mere lips, I love uncle chips” AIB collaborates with Voctronica to pay tribute to the era of advertising that defined our childhood. We recommend you listen with your headphones on! src: AIB Doosra

Google knows how to make people happy

Google thought of making these unsung heroes happy, who makes others happy. Its always small things that gives happiness. I believe that these kind of small initiatives should be adopted by every businesses to build positive impact of their business. #SpecialDelivery Celebrating the unsung heroes of online shopping

10 must have mobile apps of Nepal

Hello Smartphone users. Today I will be writing about some of the most important and mobile apps of Nepal. The listed 10 apps of Nepal are the one that I suggest every smartphone holders should have. Taxi Fares I am mostly in bikes so I never care the taxi fares, I am not updated on how much […]

Help the homeless by giving employment

The world’s first “pop-up store” for the poor, hang up donated clothes, drop shoes in boxes. Then the homeless can help themselves. I think we can adopt thins in our nation too, all we have to do is look for a place and people, lets help few people getting employed. Source: