Hello Smartphone users. Today I will be writing about some of the most important and mobile apps of Nepal. The listed 10 apps of Nepal are the one that I suggest every smartphone holders should have.

  1. Taxi Fares

    I am mostly in bikes so I never care the taxi fares, I am not updated on how much it cost. I was coming back from Pokhara on flight and I took taxi from Airport till Jawalakhel, I paid Rs. 700(day) for that. Later I checked this apps and I found that it cost just Rs 348(day) and Rs. 576(night).

    Taxi Fares Kathmandu lets you find out the taxi rates between places and prevents you from getting cheated. It features data provided by the Traffic Control Police and also a map view where you can tab two places and provided with the best route to drive and the distance and rates between the places.
    Andriod | iOS


  2. nLocate

    I was in need of immediate money and the nearest ATM was not in service. This app helped me locate the nearest ATM.

    nLocate helps you LOCATE things Nearby. Locate essential services like hospitals, ATMs, banks, petrol pumps and many more near you. You can suggest places to add to the database, like a place you know or a business you own, or suggest correction to data from the website:
    Android | iOS

    PICOVICO is a FREE Slideshow Video maker. It takes photos and texts and converts them into a beautiful video slideshow which expresses your story in a meaningful way.

  4. Yellow App: Restaurants App
    YellowApp is the #1 FREE app dedicated to helping you find the best food and dining experiences at over 2000 restaurants in Nepal. YellowApp is one of the winners for Google Business Group(GBG) inspiring startups globally.

  5. RVL Radio

    I don’t listen to FM stations these days, I am not against them but everything changes with time.

    Revolution Radio (Rvl Radio) is an Internet radio station Revcasting (streaming live) from Kathmandu, Nepal – the first of it’s kind with both audio and video (Revcam) thus revolutionizing radio in Nepal. It is a 100% no nonsense entertainment station with 9 different channels streaming simultaneously with music genres for all. Rvl Radio is of the listeners, by the listeners for the listeners
    Android | iOS

  6. Blood Members Nepal
    Blood Members Nepal is the program initiated by Blood Donors Association Nepal , Club 25 Nepal, Digital Agency Catmandu and Fulpati Group. The main target of this application is to find the blood donors when needed. No one does have to panic to search blood during scarcity in blood banks. Our huge database will serve you as a good volunteer in finding the blood donors.

  7. Esewa

    I use this app a lot, its been more than 3 years I dont have to go and stay in queue in NTC to pay the bill nor I have to depend on others’ international account to register domain.

    eSewa is your wallet in the web and in your mobile device.

    It is the Digital Payment Portal of Nepal enabled with hosted wallet both Internet and mobile wallet along with new and unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent (Cash in and Cash out) and different payment facilities.

    eSewa account can be recharged through various option such as Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and counter deposit through member banks, fund transfer from another eSewa user.

    The fund in eSewa account can be used for utility payments, buying Recharge cards, making payments when purchasing online and making payments when purchasing through offline stores by accessing eSewa account through web or mobile.
    Android | iOS

  8. iPay
    iPAY (, a service of, is an online payment gateway and works as an intermediary between the merchant and the shopper for purchase of merchandise online. The process is such that the customer first opens an iPAY account which he prefills with funds. He can then use these funds to pay to the merchants signed up by iPAY for payment of products procured.

  9. Nepali Calender (Nepali Patro)
    This app shows current Nepali date/time and Nepali Calendar including public holidays, festivals, and other important events. In addition to calendar feature, this app shows current forex values and its trends in last 30 days. Another important feature is ability to convert nepali date (BS) to Gregorian (Western) calendar (AD) and vice versa.
    Android | iOS

  10. Nepal Load-shedding Apps (Everyone’s favorite)
    I don’t need to explain about the load-shedding issue of Nepal. These are the apps that will notify you about the schedule. I wonder why there are more than 10 apps serving same service 🙂
    Android 1 | Android 2 | Android 3 | Android 4| Android 5 | Android 6| Android 7| Android 8 | Android 9 | Android 10 | iOS 1 | iOS2

Hats off to all the apps developers of Nepal. I would like to encourage the app developers to come up with more apps.

Suggestions are welcome. If you want me to write about more apps then please comment below.

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