It’s been a month that I have been in lockdown in my home. The distance that I travel to is from my bedroom to the bathroom and the kitchen. My kitchen is on the second floor and my bedroom and bathroom on the first. I have not stepped down to the ground floor for weeks. For some reason, I am loving this life. People sending me delicious food photos don’t mean anything to me. I am in contact with my most important friends and family over the phone, Skype, and Facebook. The clients that used to ask for a physical meeting for small issues have realized how every big decision can be made over skype and calls. I am being able to give lots of time to myself, I am in love with this solitude.

I wake up every morning and I see my mom making calls to my cousins who are abroad asking them how the situation is in their respective countries. She is right, at these times nothing is as precious as being together.

Many insurance and technology companies that used to claim that they have robust AI based products that can forecast one’s health condition could do nothing right today than making people worry if the premium they paid will cover coronavirus. Maybe in a few months, lots of jobs will be gone. I don’t know how many small businesses and large corporations will collapse. The companies that were offering an insane amount of salary than the market standard will downsize the number or probably it will be offering less. People who have planned their futures of having a big house, cars, and jobs might not be able to pay their existing educational loan. Todays’ successful startup founders might go back looking for jobs or the startup ideas that we all said will fail will be the next unicorn. 

Every big disaster in the world has innovated many enterprises. I wish to see significant progress in the medical sector in the next few months. This world has seen the rise of great leaders after every big disaster. Knowingly or unknowingly, the entire face of Nepal has changed after the earthquake in April 2015. There has been significant progress in the last few years after the 2015-earthquake . The corona pandemic might take longer than expected but the storm will pass, we will survive. 

Once this ends, I wish people to start adapting to simpler ways of life. I hope people will unlearn the wrong stories we are being told. Kill ego, break the barriers, we can definitely survive this apocalypse. The religious beliefs, the social construct on wealth, the economic divide, the national border –  nothing matters. It is high time we trust each other and treat everyone equally at community or at large. One’s weakness can be another’s strengths. The recent statement by Yuval Noah Harari in one of his articles has mentioned: “The real antidote to the epidemic is not segregation, but rather cooperation.”

I don’t know how the world will be after this. It will definitely change the shape of the world from what it is today. I have realized that there are ways to live life with fewer complications. Doesn’t matter if you travel in business class or budget airlines, the coronavirus didn’t differentiate anyone. Neither the size of the country nor the economy made any difference to a number of corona cases. The richest and most powerful people in the world are suffering. Let us learn from it. We have over complicated our life and lifestyle. Most of us are living half of our life just to please others. Can we stop being such extremists and be adaptive to change to the situation? 

I wish to see a world that is built upon the foundation of respect and acceptance towards diversity and individual differences. We have already paid the price for our complicated choices and individual preferences. Many news and reports have shown that there has been a positive change in the climate and earth after just a few weeks of partial lockdown globally. I wish we can understand this indication so that we might not need another big lockdown in the future, because the next big lockdown will not be just for surviving the virus.

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