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Google knows how to make people happy

Google thought of making these unsung heroes happy, who makes others happy. Its always small things that gives happiness. I believe that these kind of small initiatives should be adopted by every businesses to build positive impact of their business. #SpecialDelivery Celebrating the unsung heroes of online shopping

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10 must have mobile apps of Nepal

Hello Smartphone users. Today I will be writing about some of the most important and mobile apps of Nepal. The listed 10 apps of Nepal are the one that I suggest every smartphone holders should have. Taxi Fares I am mostly in bikes so I never care the taxi fares, I am not updated on how much it cost. I was coming back from Pokhara on flight and I took taxi from Airport till Jawalakhel, I paid Rs. 700(day) for that. Later I checked this apps and I found that it cost just Rs 348(day) and Rs. 576(night). Taxi Fares Kathmandu lets you…

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Help the homeless by giving employment

The world’s first “pop-up store” for the poor, hang up donated clothes, drop shoes in boxes. Then the homeless can help themselves. I think we can adopt thins in our nation too, all we have to do is look for a place and people, lets help few people getting employed. Source:

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Surat Diamond – An example of social business

I just google for “Surat Diamond” and 4 pages of google search result is filled with the news of the “Diwali Bonus: 500 cars, 200 flats and Jewelries to the employee” This is the best example of social business that Surat Diamond have set. Just a week back there were hardly any people who heard about them. Now everyone is talking about them, including me and those who never seen diamonds. Their budget was around Rs. 50 crore and the level of publicity they getting is probably 100 times bigger. If the budget was spend on advertisement instead of giving bonus to employee then it…

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Pulsar…10 years of leadership

10 years is a decade Its a long time to kill and a short time to get something done Its a moment if you are in a rush. And a lifetime if you want to give it meaning. Our 10 years went something like that. We tried to give it meaning. We tried to insert passion into every ticking second. Not because we had to, but because we wanted to. Because we were doing something we believed in. Pulsar came as an abuse to mediocrity. We were laughing at convention and we wanted to be heard. Pulsar was contrary to…

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Royal Challenge Sport week: Game for Life!

I found this awesome commercial advertisement of “Royal Challenge Sport Week”. Hats off to the copywriter. My Life My Life is good, actually its great. But sometime its aweful, it doesnt always make sense. Life is room without windows. Life is funny. Life is not always what you order. Its dancing to your own tune, sometimes somebody elses Life is 41 slides presentation Life is exploring the unknown. Life is lonely Life is defined gravity Its dancing with strangers Life is warm fuzzy feeling Life is a bundle of nerves, it makes me do stupid things Life is finding love…